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WCG is a business giant in the field of edible oil industry. The group is market leader in this business. With the hard work of employees, creativity of team and dedication of management, WGC is capable of producing over 1000 Metric Tons of vegetable Oil/Ghee, which is the largest oil producing capacity in Pakistan.

The group comfortably meets the large demands and is also capable of producing even more, if so required. The group has Most “STAR” Ranked Edible Oil businesses at its list in Pakistan than any other Oil producing firm. Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan buys Vegetable Ghee and Cooking Oil in huge quantities from the group, which proves that group is committed towards producing high quality products at affordable prices.

Waheed Hafeez Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in 1992 as private limited concern, with the production capacity of 350 Metric Ton per day at Hattar. In coming years, WHG developed its market shares by improving the standards of its products.

Being the successful mother institution, it nourished the entire group in coming 20 years while maintaining its top position in edible oil business. Malakand Oil and Ghee (Pvt) Ltd was purchased in 2003 by the group, having the production capacity of 150 Metric Tons per day. This unit is situated in far flunged area of PATA (North West of Pakistan).

This unit covers the entire market of North West of Pakistan. Having acquired the sufficient production capacity, increased market share, and to enhance RBD requirements, the group decided to install its own physical oil refinery which has a capacity to convert Crude Palm Oil into RBD Palm Oil for producing edible oil and ghee, Khadija Edible Oil Refinery (Pvt) Ltd was installed at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi in 2005. This establishment is capable of refining 500 Metric Tons of CPO and producing 300 Metric Tons of ghee and oil and is equipped with the most latest and modern machinery in the country.

In addition, the unit also has facility to manufacture bisco shortening for biscuit industry. Since its inception, the refinery has been working at its full strength without any major break down.